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VII Gates was a band that I (Jonas) started when I moved to Halmstad for my studies in the end of the last millenium. This came to be the first band I released any albums with. It started out as one of many other Helloween wannabees which was very (this is a slight understatement) popular than. But we sound found it that we should try something different and came eventually up with a somewhat more unique sound, very influenced by bands like Rainbow, Savatage, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Queensrÿche. Especially the first album Fire, walk with me (Soundriot Records 2004) came out really well. It received a huge amount of great and fantastic reviews, here are a few excerpts:

VII Gates heavy metal is close to perfect.
Tartarern Desire

Now it is up to the metalheads to discover what a truly good band VII Gates really are.
Metal Rules

If this band holds it together and is fortunate enough to “make it big” over time, Fire, Walk With Me will eventually be hailed as a classic Metal album that will be held up by many as one of the better efforts the genre has ever produced.

Some songs from Fire, walk with me

Download -> 01 – VII Gates – Bounded by hate

Download -> 04 – VII Gates – So far away

Download -> 07 – VII Gates – The madman inside

However, the cooperation with Soundriot Records didn’t work out that well and we split with them in less than a year. After a couple of months we found ourself a new home at Lion Music. Started to work on another album. It would be way too boring to describe all obstacles and discords which happened the following years (none of them had to do with Lion Music though). It took no less than three years to record the second album, called In hoc signo vinces (this title turned out to be a little bit to optimistic :)). Our intentions and songs where good, but I think we could say that we overworked this album by far.

Lion Music still owns the rights to this album, so I can’t yet offer it as a free download. Might eventually do. Until than, info about where to find and listen to the album can be found in the discography section.

Finally, I might add that there are several songs finished for VII Gates which are not yet recorded. One day or year, those might be recorded and released.

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Well, the band is no more (even though I have a lot of material which was written for the third album which might be released some day), but contact me if you like to.

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