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  1. Julio Bocater
    February 9, 2012 at 01:05 PM

    I am the publisher of ROCK UNDERGROUND, the THIRD BRAZILIAN METAL MAGAZINE (Heavy, Thrash, Death, Black, Doom, Gothic, Dark, etc.). We have 50.000 readers per day!
    I discovered your band in a review in
    I would like knowing if you could send me promos from THE ROCKFORD HEROES for review and interview in our pages.
    We’ve ever received promos from many labels, but I’ve never received any promo from your band, your label, LION MUSIC.
    They don’t send promos for South America, because here, they don’t have an official distributor.
    But, I don’t want let your band and your future fans and our readers without knowledge your band!
    In the meantime: I don’t have anything against from for your label! Only, we want give the best for our readers!

    We’ve ever received promos from Metal Blade, Roadrunner, Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Sanctuary, Earache, Osmose, Metal Mind, Season Of Mist, Spinefarm, SPV, AFM, Listenable, Xtreem Music, Red Stream, Morbid Records, The End Records, Holy Records, Adipocere, No Colours, Drakkar, Dream Catcher, Einheit, Black Widow, World Chaos, Perris, Warlord, Displeased, Paragon, Regain Records, Avantgard, NTS, Anvil Corp, Rock Brigade, American Line, Black Box, Battleskr’s, Black Attakk, Black Flame, Blacksmith, Ketzer, Deity Down, Horus, Karhago, Khaeotica, Cold Meat, Deadsun, Dynamic Arts, I Hate Records, Dark Essence, Karisma, Melancholia, Unmatched Brutality, Undercover, Vinland, Wrath Productions, Aesthetic Death, Amadis, Apathic View, Arcana Noctis, Basement, Cyclone Empire, Dead Six, Dies Irae, Hold True, Khaaranus, Harvester, Old Temple, On-Parole, Prophecy, etc

    See here some releases reviewed in latest issues in and you see the labels working with us.

    Your material will be divulged in next issue. I wait your answer.
    Júlio César Bocáter

    AT Julio Cesar Bocater
    Rua Rogerio Armelin Guanaes, 360 apto 76
    Penha – SP/SP
    CEP: 03732-160

  2. Henrik
    March 25, 2011 at 12:01 AM

    Om du vill lägga ner sången o fokusera på guran… Jag är en sjukt bra vokalist med exakt samma musiksmak.

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