VII Gates – Discography


In hoc signo vinces (2008, Lion Music)


In hoc signo vinces

“VII Gates blends this material quite well with impressive musicianship and fine song composition allowing ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’ to be a diverse and entertaining mixture of music. (…) This a solid and entertaining accomplishment.” Dangerdog.com

“VII Gates has done a great job, they were able to make quite an original classic power metal album, and that is a great performance in this overcrowded genre. ” Powermetal.dk

“The Skyrider” is a great opener, with energy, catchiness and a chorus that you’ll be able to shout along almost immediately” Metal-observer.com

Fire, walk with me (2004, Soundriot Records)


Fire, walk with me

“This is a kick ass album!! Sound Riot have a winner in this band – perhaps they’ve discovered the next Rainbow or UFO!!” Battlehelm.com

“If this band holds it together and is fortunate enough to “make it big” over time, Fire, Walk With Me will eventually be hailed as a classic Metal album that will be held up by many as one of the better efforts the genre has ever produced.” Metalexpressradio.com

“Now its up to the metalheads to discover what a truly good band VII Gates really are.” Metal-rules.com

“…very strong Heavy Metal with Hard Rock influences as I have not heard as good in a while, plus showing no fear to incorporate genre foreign elements…” Metal-observer.com


The madman inside (2002)

The awakening (2002)

A dark room of my mind (2001)

When gates are opening (2001)

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