The number of members in VII Gates have changed over the years. Always been between 4-6 members. Here will the line-up that recorded the last album be presented. When I (JJ) was fired in autumn 2008, I was replaced by a guy called Robin. However, that line-up never managed to do much, so I will flatter myself and include me in the most previous line-up of VII Gates:

JJ Rockford – Guitars

JJ Rockford

JJ Rockford – Live 2006

Info about JJ Rockford

Mick van Slowfoot – Drums


Mick – the man, the myth, the legend

Date of birth: June 27:th

Short biography: Started playing drums in 1979. Played in a lot of bands (some “shoots”): 1984-1986: Vultanic Hell, classic heavy rock. 1985-1990: Manowar-cover band with Lollo Galvez (Tristisia) and Pingo Sjöholm (great bassplayer). 1986-1990: Rush-cover band, and own stuff, with Pingo. 1991: Stopped playing drums. 1998: Short “comeback” with grunge-rock’n’roll-band Tie Your Mother Down. Spring 2000-present: Second comeback, as a drummer in VII Gates…

Favorite artists: Rush, Sweet, Iron Maiden, Rob Halford, Manowar, Whitesnake, Gamma Ray, WASP, Anthrax, Rainbow, Helloween, Marillion, Savatage, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, Slayer, Warlord, Ramones, Judas Priest, Saxon, Angry Andersson (Rose Tattoo), Evil, Metal Church, S.O.D, Europe, Thin Lizzy, STYX, Stiff Little Fingers, UK SUBS, Boston, Elo, Queensrÿche, E-type, Queen, Saltydog, Badland, Ozzy Osbourne, and lot more…

Favorite movie: “Huset som gud glömde” (don’t know the english translation!!) and everything with Monty Python

Favorite TV-serie: Married with children

Favorite food: Restaurant-food.

Favorite drink: Wine, lime with crushed ice and water

Hobbies: Listen to music, sleep

Bad qualities: Not good in be in time, like to postpone things

Good qualities: Generous, never let problems waste the day

Vices: Smokes, drinks and eats too much!

How many drummers to you need to replace a light bulb?
– 20. One who holds the bulb, and 19 who drinks until the room starts to spin.

Contact: Unknown

Criss Blackburn – Vocals

Criss Blackburn

Date of birth: November 4:th

Short biography: 1976: Bought my first Kiss-album, didn’t know what it was, but the album looked cool, and it blowed me away 1977: On my eleven-year-birthday I got my first Sex Pistols-single. Loved punk music until 1983 when I first heard Judas Priest. Then I started to play in a heavy metal band called Heavy Wings. A wonderful time, but after some years of rock’n’roll we splited up. So I started with motor cross instead, but also played in some other bands. In 1993-1996 I was in a cover-band called Old Goal, where I shifted from my bass to the vocals, and learned a lot from that. Then I had a break, got a family, two great kids, and a lovely wife. So, in spring 2000 Mick asked me to join VII Gates, and here we are.

Favorite artists: Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe, Gamma Ray, Judas Priest, Helloween, Queensrÿche, Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Whitesnake, Terpantines, Buck Cherry, Kiss, Skid Row, Def Leppard, Bad English, Sex Pistols and a hell of a lot more…

Favorite movie: Halloween 2

Favorite TV-serie: The X-files

Favorite food: The kebab-pizza with their white sauce from Pizza-stugan in Eldsberga

Favorite drink: Whiskey

Hobbies: Computer games, listen to music

Bad qualities: One of five drunkness I went total crazy

Good qualities: Nice and cozy when I’m sober

Vices: Fishing? At least, I don’t use snuff anymore…

How do you know there’s a singer knockin’ at your door?
– He can’t find the key and he wont understand when he is supposed to come in.

Contact: Unknown

Robert “Basti” Makek – Guitars

Robert Makek

Date of birth: Don’t remember.

Short biography: Started to play guitar some years ago.

Favorite artists: Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Sinergy, Dio, Europe, Bon Jovi, Yngwie, Gary Moore

Favorite movie: American Pie

Favorite TV-serie: Don’t know

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite drink: Beer

Hobbies: Play guitar, building things

Bad qualities: Always asking to many questions

Good qualities: Nice

Vices: Snuff, likes to drive fast

How can you see that the stage is 100% plane?
– It will dribble from both corners of the mouth on the guitarist.

Contact: Basti’s Myspace account

Nicolas “Butcher” Posa

Nicolas Posa

Date of birth: Don’t remember

Short biography: I began to play the piano when I was six and after five years of torture I got tired. In junior high I began to play bassguitar and in 1989 I started my first band called “Twilight”. In 1995, two guys from Halmstad asked me if I wanted to join their band “Season”. Together we made a couple of demos and gigs in Halmstad. “Season” is still going strong. After a few years at the University of Växjö, I moved to Gothenburg in 1999, so I could be with my darling Annika and work as a teacher in music. In search for a band I began to play soul, funk and jazz. I joined a band called “Body Snatchers” and played with them for two years. In 2001, I met a couple of latin americans and began to play salsa in a band called “Salzucar”. Last year, 2002, me and my pregnant wife decided to move back to my hometown Halmstad. In august 2003, after reading an interview made with “VII Gates” in the local paper, called Hallandsposten, I phoned Mick van Slowfoot and asked him if the band needed a bassguitarist. The answer was that they needed one who could rehearse with them, because their bassguitarist were in Australia for a couple of months. After the second rehearsel the band decided to switch bassguitarist. Lucky me!

Favorite artists: Iron Maiden/Steve Harris, Slayer, Anthrax, Soundgarden, Steve bailey, Victor Wooten, John Patitucci, Charles Mingus, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Crusaders and many more.

Instrument: Bass

Favorite movie: Phenomena, Lord of the rings, The Lion King.

Favorite TV-serie: Dallas

Favorite food: Sushi and octopussallad from Dalmatia

Favorite drink: Whiskey and coffee

Hobbies: Building all kinds of things and to be with my family

Motto: Everything is possible if you only believe in yourself.

Family: My wife Annika, daughters Manda-Li and Malvea and the siamese cats from hell; Giza and Farao

Bad qualities: Lazy, lack of patience, always tired.

Good qualities: Laughing a lot, good listener, open minded, a nice guy who believes in equality between gender, according to my wife

Vices: I snore very loud, especially when I´ve been drinking.

How many bass players do you need to replace a light bulb?
-One, but there must be a guitarist showing how it shoul be done.

Contact: Unknown

Previous members

David Angsviks – Bass (R.I.P)
Magnus Jacobsson – Bass
Moe A:son – Bass
Tim Diaz – Keyboards
Niclas Cederfeldt – Guitars

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