Daniel Grimmett – Who is he?

Daniel Grimmett first showed up a few days ago in an ad on Facebook, where he says he can help music producers to get more work done and make more money. Terrefic. However, there was something fuzzily about the whole ad, especially when it came to his own experiences. Without giving away any names, he calls himself “The guy that helps your favorite indie producers get more work”.

So I was curious and asked a simple question, as a comment to the ad. “Could you list the 5 most successful songs you composed/produced?”.

Then, after reading a text called “My story” at www.danielgrimmett.com/about I also added another question. This was because he says that:

“…at a time when it was deemed to saturated and too tough to make a living. 2012 to be exact (but really 2013). I unfortunately never got to experience the golden days of when it was easy to make a living making records.”

Well, the question is obvious. When was that???

Thus, two relevant questions. Guess what happened? Those questions was deleted and I was blocked from making any further comments.

Still don’t know what Daniel Grimmett is selling. But other things that seems a little bit suspicous to me is that his Facebook page have almost 10 000 likes. But, the post I found with the most likes was just above 20. Some only had one. Doesn’t sound like very active or happy followers? Or, human followers… And yes, I know this from our own page 🙂

It’s probably also worth mentioning that all of the success stories he post, as print screens, at least looks to me (who don’t have english as my native language) like they are written by one or a few persons.

But, to end this post a little bit more positive. My guess is that Daniel Grimmett is selling some kind of working methods, that are very well known in other businesses (like software development) but not in music business. So, here is a little video which probably could help a lot of people make there work more effective:

Thumbs up to Daniel Grimmett

And yes, since I asked Daniel Grimmett to post some of his songs, here are some of mine. Probably just as well-known 😉

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