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If you can’t beat them, block them (…blocked by Marc Mozart)
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If you can’t beat them, block them (…blocked by Marc Mozart)

Marc Mozart, author of the book “Your mix sucks”, have been posting a lot of really helpful and good articles about recording and music production over the years. 25 years in the business, working with major labels. That’s some great experience to share.

However, just found out that he is not the most humble guy. Recently he posted a link to an article on his Facebook page, which seems to be written by the typical aged rock journalist who really stuck to the thought that the music history started in the 60s and ended in the 80s. Before that it was darkness. After that, it was darkness. Here is that article.

I, who maybe isn’t the most humble guy either, can become very provocted by such articles. Of course, everyone have the right to express their opinion, but it is something very disturbing with people who are so stucked in their age that they can’t even discuss eventual advantages of the worlds development.

Thus, I commented the article, telling that I didn’t think any of those 10 bullet points was even nearly valid. Marc Mozart’s answer to that was only a question if I make my living through music. I am not sure if he know that he uses master suppression techniques. But anyway, no, I make my living as a software developer. But what does it matter? I might have what probably are pretty solid opinions about a whole lot of things which aren’t about software development 🙂

Anyway, Marc Mozart told that he knew hundreds of people who made good money in the 90s from music, but don’t do it anymore. To me that’s a pretty lame answer. I mean, in science, you have to be very careful when it comes to differ between causality and correlation. And his “proof” of the failing music business is 100% of the later one… But when I told this, I was blocked from his Facebook page 🙂

So, I invite you to discuss the matter here Marc. Promise I wont block you 🙂

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