Ghost’s Papa Emeritus II identity revealed!

Papa Emeritus II identity
Have you ever wondered about Papa Emeritus II identity?

papa emeritus II identity

Like a lot of other people, I have wondered about the members in Ghost. Now I can reveal at least on of them:

Papa Emeritus II identity

As you can se. Just remove the eye shades and the dark parts on the cheeks and its very clear. It is no one less the Skeletor. In the final scene of Masters of the universe you’re told that he will return.

Who could have guessed that it would be as the singer of one of the last few years most storied hard rock/heavy metal bands…? But it’s maybe not as strange as it may sound. I mean, Ghost’s music are pretty evil. And Skeletor was probably true evil personalized.

Anyway. Papa Emeritus II identity revealed. Can this mean that Snake Mountain is located somewhere nearby Linköping? And you start to wonder who the nameless ghouls could be? Saurod? Blade? Beastman?

(This post is some sort of reprise of this post. But it’s honestly not easy to know which is which)

Papa Emeritus II identity

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  1. Anon says:

    Fan du har ju rätt, att jag inte tänkt på det.

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