Hogsmeade location

For reasons which I wont tell about right now, I found myself searching on Google Maps for Hogsmeade location. And found it! Try it yourself.

I was suprised how far north it was, in Scotland. Always thought they where still in England.

But, what now intrigues me… When I was right at it, I also searched for Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardery. Guess what? Found that as well.

That’s really intresting, because we have all been told that Hogwarts is unplottable. But, since Google doesn’t allow words like ungoogleable (which in turn is googleable), maybe it isn’t very suprisingly that they wont allow unplottable destinations as well.

However, now I am even more confused than before. Because the distance between Hogsmeade location and Hogwarts location is much to far to make it possible to walk between those locations in less than a day. The wizarding world isn’t easy to understand…

hogsmeade location

Hogsmeade location

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2 Responses

  1. Jonas says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t save any coordinates :/

  2. Krista says:

    Hi, Jonas. I was glad to come across your post because I also have some reasons to look for these locations. I’ve always thought the names given in the book are more like charades or ciphers, so I was surprised to no measure when simple query ‘Hogsmeade’ turned an actual result on the map… However, it seems to work no more for Hogwarts. Maybe you somehow happened to save the coordinates? It would be utterly nice if you shared.
    Please don’t take it as a joke. Feel free to write: 3soinfo(snail)gmail.com
    Have nice days~

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