Classic Rock AOR: “And that, dear reader, is the understatement of the year.”

Rob Evans from Classic Rock AOR made a short interview with Marcus recently, which where published in this month’s issue. Might have been his first?

Anyway, it was pure joy to read how Rob described the band. Marcus finished an explanation about our sound by saying: “…It’s a mixture of classic hard rock with pomp elements.”. And Rob continued…

“And that, dear reader, is the understatement of the year. It’s infused with the kind of pomp keyboards that would make Royal Hunt seem mundane, guitar histrionics that make Malmsteen sound like a beginner, and a lush landscape of overblown harmonics that would grace any Journey album. Go and listen to The day of return, Capricious arrows or The fools realm and tell me I’m wrong.”

Thank you Rob 🙂

And, while speaking of this article, I have probably been unclear while speaking to Marcus about the subject. The Rockford Heroes IS indeed named after Jim Rockford from The Rockford Files.

Yes, the first incarnation of this band was a punk band. But that punk band was named after Jim. Well, it’s actually a little bit more complicated than that, but I leave the details out today, ok? Instead, just enjoy those winged words in color:

Classic Rock AOR 2013-09

Listen to The Rockford Heroes – Edge of the silverthorn

Classic Rock AOR

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  1. November 3, 2013

    […] is more Yngwie Malmsteen (you now, the guy who according toRob Evans på Classic Rock AOR sounded like a beginner compared to the guitarplaying on Edge of the … ) have fore sure made his share of classic […]

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